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About Niagara Protective Coatings.

Since 1957, Niagara Protective Coatings (NPC) has been a leading, family-owned provider of architectural coatings based in Niagara, Ontario. Our products, rigorously tested for durability and safety, offer superior protection and decorative finishes for diverse surfaces. Recognized by the Government of Ontario, we are committed to delivering personalized service and high-quality solutions across a global network.


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We're proud to maintain an unwavering commitment to our loyal client base.


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Our work speaks for itself. We're privileged
to have completed over 800 installations.


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Our family business has been serving the Niagara region since 1957.

Our story

The story of how our company was founded.

Born in the beautiful landscapes of Bosnia, Mr. Karachi's journey was one of ambition and resilience. Fascinated by the interplay of chemistry and creativity, he moved to Italy to pursue a degree in this fascinating field. Upon completing his studies, he further honed his expertise by becoming a Chemical Engineer. His quest for knowledge and growth then led him to Canada, a new home teeming with opportunities.

In 1957, his dream transformed into reality as he established Niagara Protective Coatings (NPC), creating a line of signature products that redefined architectural coatings. Ever since, NPC has been supplying the Niagara region with superior quality coatings, embodying Mr. Karachi's passion, innovation, and dedication in every product it offers.

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The values that drive everything we do.

At NPC, our actions are driven by an unwavering commitment to quality, integrity, and innovation. We consistently strive for excellence in our products, build trust with our clients, and continually enhance our offerings.

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Unwavering dedication to superior craftsmanship, ensuring top-notch, long-lasting products in every delivery.

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Relentless devotion to customer satisfaction, guaranteeing exceptional service from start to finish.

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Strong belief in teamwork, always fostering a culture of cooperation for better, holistic solutions.

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Constant pursuit of advancement, driving progress in coatings technology for optimal results.

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A Family Run Business Since 1957.

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