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Experience "chemistry in a can" with our diverse range of architectural coatings at our Factory Store. Engage with our expert team, receive tailored advice, and explore the perfect solutions for your commercial, industrial, or residential needs.

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The NPC Factory Store offers a direct gateway to our premium protective coatings and paint products. It's not just a store, but a place where our advanced chemistry comes alive in vivid colors and superior finishes. Here, you can find a vast selection of our signature products, expertly crafted to give your surfaces lasting beauty and resilience.

Visiting the NPC Factory Store is more than a shopping experience. It's an opportunity to learn from our seasoned paint professionals who are always on-hand to provide guidance. Whether you're undertaking a big commercial project or a small DIY renovation, our team will ensure you leave with the perfect product to make your vision a reality. Experience the chemistry in a can, right here at our Factory Store.

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